Quality Entertainment is one of the most important aspects of your event. We are dedicated to exceeding your and your guests’ expectations.  With thousands of events under our belts our experience will helps us make your event perfect. We are hip, musically savvy and nowhere near the idea of the common DJ. Click here to find out the difference.


Alpha Tunes is a modern spin on mobile DJ’ing.  Our goal is to provide outstanding entertainment, where sophistication is reflected through music, lighting, and an overall professional presentation. We combine high energy and style along with elegance and class to bring you a rockin’ party.  Whether you are planning an intimate gathering, corporate function or your wedding, Alpha Tunes has the ability to create the perfect atmosphere for your event.


We love music. Let me say that again… We love music. We have so much music it may be classified as an addiction in some states. Our extensive music collection includes everything from the 1940’s to today’s top hits. While we specialize in Greek and American music, we also have a vast collection of music from cultures across the globe.

Our experience will make you stand out.

While on your quest to find the perfect DJ you have probably read the same thing over and over again.  Well I’m here to tell you the difference. We care. We plan every event as if it were our own event. Our attention to detail is unrivaled. Check Availability Now.


With literally thousands of events under our belts we can entertain your guests with our wide selection of music. We are able to plan and run your event with precision planning and also make adjustments on the fly if needed. We are able to engage your guests and entertain them with music and dancing.


First and foremost is our appearance. We are always properly attired for your event. Our interaction with your guests is kept to an appropriate level, which means we won’t be talking on the microphone all throughout your event.


This is a given. We show up early and are set up well in advance of your guests arriving. We also use the highest quality in professional DJ equipment. We also have a compliment of back up equipment and entertainers on standby.